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Brigitte JACOB

Events & nuclear education database

+33 687 174 495

Brigitte Jacob holds an Associate’s degree in information management.

She starts her career at CEA in 1983 at CEA LETI, the Laboratory for Electronics and Information Technology, where she is in charge of communications and relations with industrial corporations. From 1996 to 2008, she works at CEA-Saclay’s Communication Division and organizes public events to contribute to the promotion of science in the Paris area. Her many achievements include open house days, conferences in high schools, and workshops with high school students at CEA’s laboratories. After several years in scientific events management, Brigitte Jacob joins CEA-Saclay’s Facilities Management as Account Manager. She works at the implementation of a global management system for CEA’s corporate cafeteria including the development of an on-line reservation application for catering services and corporate restaurants, the modernization of the payment system, and the calls for tender and management of service provider contracts.

Brigitte Jacob joins I2EN in 2012 where she is responsible for the organization of training and communications events, scientific and technical visits, and the update of the French nuclear education & training database.