Sharing the french expertise in nuclear HCB

French High-commissioner for atomic energy@IAEA 2018 HRD Conference

In 2018, the French High-commissioner for atomic energy, I2EN Chairman, chaired the third IAEA International Conference on Human Resource Development fr Nuclear Power Programmes

‘I2EN represents and coordinates the French offer in nuclear Human Capacity Building (HCB) abroad in order to make today’s newcomers the nuclear countries of tomorrow.’

France has been sharing its knowledge and know-how in nuclear HCB with fellow countries for decades. Sharing this expertise has contributed to making some then newcomer countries the major nuclear players they are today.

Here’s a short overview of our track-record:




Today, I2EN proposes to follow in these footsteps and make sure France keeps on providing newcomer and expanding countries with the best France has to offer in nuclear workforce development. We represent and coordinate the French offer in nuclear HCB abroad in order to make today’s newcomers the nuclear countries of tomorrow. The Institute:

  • Proposes the best workforce development solutions tailored to the needs of partner countries in all areas of HCB: human resource development, education & training, knowledge management, and knowledge networks;
  • Shares best practices in HCB so as to contribute to the safe and sustainable implementation of nuclear power programs;
  • Ensure France’s capacity to welcome international students and professionals in French academic institutions, nuclear corporations & research organizations.

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