Since the first World Nuclear Exhibition in 2014, I2EN-the International Institute of Nuclear Energy-has been showcasing on its stand groundbreaking digital innovation for nuclear energy education & training. 2018 will be no exception to the rule with the presentation of the latest digital tools developed by French stakeholders to ensure our future global nuclear workforce is always better trained for always safer operation of our facilities.

Here’s a short preview of what you will be able to both discover and try on our stand!

EDF will be presenting its latest augmented reality tool to prepare technicians to various operations and develop risk awareness. Take your tablet and search for the bar codes on the stand to find out what’s hiding behind them! A 360° virtual tour of an NPP will also be available, alongside with a presentation of the whole range of EDF’s digital innovations for education & training.

CORYS, the world leader in NPP simulator, will give you the opportunity to try and operate an NPP directly from a tablet! Think it’s easy? Come and try it!

On the Framatome side, SUSI will show you how you can train people for reactor vessel internal inspections in lieu of using actual equipment. You will also be able to learn how to replace thermocouple wire legs using smartglasses combined with a thermocouple mock-up.

Our academic partners are not left aside, with Afpa-the French association for adult vocational training-and IRUP ISTP Center for Nuclear Education & Training taking you on virtual tours of their nuclear training workshops, including flow loop simulators and radiation protection workshops!

The revised version of the I2EN App will also help you navigate through the French offer in Human Capacity Building. Whether you are a NEPIO and still wondering whether you want to develop a program or an Owner-Operator ready to commission your NPP: this app will guide you through our education & training offer to find what best meets your needs!

Want to finish you tour of the stand on a fun note? Give a go to the “Going for Nuke” game developed by IMT Atlantique: the revised version of “Going for Gold” applied to nuclear will enable you to go over your nuclear basics! We’ve got the questions, you’ve got the answers!