I2EN relies on an independent Experts Committee to review French nuclear education programs. They award I2EN accreditation on the basis of public review criteria. The members of the Experts Committee are recognized experts in their fields and work in pairs: each field is chaired by an expert from academia and one from industry.


Why set up an I2EN accreditation?

The accreditation of nuclear education and training programs is meant to guarantee that programs meet the highest academic requirements and that they meet the industrial and R&D needs of a nuclear power program. It is also a marketing tool abroad since it is both a proof of quality and of adequacy with industrial and R&D needs for international students, professors, and decision-makers. I2EN accreditation showcases the French nuclear education programs that offer the highest level of qualification at international level.


Which programs can apply for accreditation?

Only nuclear-related, degree-awarding programs are eligible for accreditation.
Accreditation is not mandatory. The request for accreditation must be submitted by the Program Manager or the Institution Director.


What are the accreditation criteria?

I2EN accreditation is based on three categories of criteria:

  • Relevance criteria which review the relevance of the program in regard to the needs in skills and qualifications of the nuclear industry;
  • Resources criteria which review the resources implemented by the institution to guarantee the best learning conditions: infrastructures, international agreements, etc.;
  • Criteria relative to compliance with the specific provisions of the national educational framework as set out by the French Department of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation.

Download our Accreditation Criteria (PDF)


Who awards the accreditation?

I2EN’s Experts Committee is made of experts from academia and industry (click here to read their biographies) (lien vers le Comité des Experts version EN [Governance > The Experts Committee]). Each program is reviewed by at least one Review Team of two experts, one from industry, the other from academia. All our experts are bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

Download the non-disclosure agreement (PDF)

The High-commissioner for Atomic Energy, Chairman of I2EN, is the final decision-maker. He awards the I2EN accreditation upon proposal of the Experts Committee.


How to apply for accreditation?

To apply for accreditation, the Program Administrator or the Institution Director must:

  • Submit an official accreditation application;

Download the application form (DOCX)

  • If the program is eligible, provide the Review Team with all the necessary documentation for them to conduct a complete review of the program;
  • Produce a Self-Study Report in line with I2EN criteria;

Download the Self-Study Report Guide (DOCX)

  • Discuss with the Review Team and answer any additional question the Team may have.

The Experts Committee is the final decision-maker and only body entitled to propose the award of I2EN accreditation to the High-commissioner for atomic energy.