The partners council

I2EN’s Partners Council convenes twice a year in January and June to define the strategy of the Institute and the actions to implement it. It is is chaired by the High-commissioner for atomic energy.



The Partners Council defines the policy & the strategy of the Institute. It is in charge of:

  • Setting I2EN’s yearly action plan and budget;
  • Approving the annual, moral, and financial report of the previous year;
  • Appointing the Director upon proposal of the High-commissioner and after a call for applications to the members of the Assembly;
  • Deciding upon any action or measure in regard to I2EN’s involvement abroad;
  • Deciding upon any action or measure to redefine I2EN’s mission in France;
  • Approving I2EN’s Rules of Procedure;
  • Approving the Associate Members Charter and potential changes;
  • Deciding upon the admission or expulsion of a Partner or Associate Member under the conditions defined in the Rules of Procedure and in the Associate Members Charter.



Partner companies fall into the following four categories:


Industrial corporations: Bureau Veritas, EDF, Framatome, Gifen, Orano

National Higher Education Commissions: CDEFI and CPU

R&D organizations: Andra, CEA, CNRS

Government Departments: Department of Europe & Foreign Affairs, Department of the Armed Forces, Department of the Economy & Finance, Department of the Ecological & Inclusive Transition, Department of Higher Education, Research & Innovation.

In agreement with the High-commissioner, each Partner appoints one representative to serve on the Council for three years (renewable once).