The Committee of Experts



The Committee of Experts reviews the education and training degree-awarding programmes on the basis of agreed-upon criteria and issues recommendations for accreditation to the High Commissioner for Atomic Energy who ultimately makes the final decision on awarding the I2EN Seal.
The High Commissioner for Atomic Energy can also convene the Committee of Experts to consult its members on specific issues.




The Committee of Experts is comprised of experts mostly from France, but from other countries as well. They come from industry and academia and are chosen intuitu personae for their scientific and technical expertise.
The Committee of Experts cover the following topic areas:

  • Reactor physics;
  • Nuclear fuel cycle;
  • Management, storage and disposal of radioactive waste;
  • Mechanical and materials;
  • Nuclear safety and radioprotection;
  • Design and construction of nuclear facilities;
  • Generation, maintenance, decontamination, decommissioning, deconstruction of nuclear installations;
  • Nuclear law;
  • Training organization and curriculum development.

For further information on the Committee of Experts, please contact the I2EN director.


Experts :