The executive office

I2EN’s Director, Deputy Director & their staff are in charge of the day-to-day operation of the Institute.



The Executive Office implements the strategy set out by the Partners Council. It executes:

  • I2EN’s global action plan;
  • office duties for the Partners Council, the Assembly, and the Experts Committee.

It responds to requests from:

  • its Chairman, Partners Council, and the Experts Committee;
  • the Director of CEA’s International Affairs Division, CEA’s Nuclear Advisors abroad, AFNI’s Director, I2EN’s Partners and
  • Associate Members, international professionals from academia, government institutions, or industry;
  • French and international students for initial education and guidance;
  • French and international professionals for continuing education.

To do so, it relies on:

  • a database of French nuclear education and training programs (yearly updated) and a bilingual website;
  • CEA’s Nuclear Advisors Network;
  • highly-skilled experts summoned upon request to participate in projects led by the Director and the Deputy Director.



The Executive Office consists of:

  • the Director and Deputy Director;
  • the staff seconded to I2EN from its Partners.


I2EN Staff